QUAD-A-CROSS ~ Pencil and Paper Versions

Free For Personal Use

The paper and pencil version is a challenging puzzle that is similar to both cross words and word search. But with a twist - you pick the letters to use. Find the mystery words, one letter per square and make sure the words connect through the common letters.

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Select some options and make your puzzle now. Your printer-ready puzzle will appear in a new window. Make a bunch of puzzles to take away with you for a trip or when you have time to kill.

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Commercial and Syndicated Versions

Syndicated versions for newspapers and websites are licensed. We can generate myriad paper and pencil versions in different sizes and styles with opportunities for branding a product or service. Puzzles can be of any size to fit available space at the time. Create community-centric crosswords that promote local knowledge. Use branding to attract sponsors. Any of your advertisers could sponsor a game, and their website gets traffic from people trying to solve the puzzle.

Contact us to learn how you can expand your brand using our unique process.

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